Invited Speakers

Dr. P. Dalgarno: "Manipulating charge and spin in a single self-assembled quantum dot"

Prof. K. Ensslin: "Graphene quantum dots"

Prof. K. Flensberg: "Single electron effects in molecular electronics"

Prof. H. Grabert: "Feedback and rate asymmetry of a Josephson junction charge noise detector"

Prof. R. Haug: "Spin effects in quantum dots"

Dr. C. Barnes: "Manipulating single electrons with acoustic waves"

Dr. H. Jørgensen: "Double quantum dots in carbon nanotubes"

Dr. Th. Schäpers: "Phase coherent transport in InN nanowires"

Prof. A. Lorke: "Single charging effects in self-organized InAs nanostructures"

Dr. S. Ludwig: "Non-equilibrium interactions in GaAs-based nanodevices"

Dr. T. Meunier: "Spin Qubits in Quantum Dots"

Prof. C. Schönenberger: "Novel quantum dots using carbon nanotubes"


Dr. F. Hohls: "Electron counting in quantum dots"

Prof. W. Belzig: "Aspects of Time-Resolved Electron Transport Statistics"

Dr. J. Cunningham: "tba"

D. Urban: "Full Counting Statistics of Aharonov-Bohm Interferometers with embedded Quantum Dots"

M. Regler: "tba"

M. Malecha: "tba"

Dr. B. Kästner: "Non-adiabatic single charge pumping through semiconductor quantum dots"

Dr. H. Schumacher: "tba"

C. Leicht: "tba"

C. Wolf: "Contacting individual semiconductor quantum dots to fabricate single-electron devices"

F.J. Kaiser: "SAW-driven non-adiabatic electron pumping"

P. Stano: "Spin decoherence of a confined electron induced by nuclear spin environment"

U. Gasser: "Electron Pumping Through a Double Quantum Dot Using Two Independent Quantum Point Contacts"

B. Küng: "Correlation Measurements of QPC Charge Sensor Signals in Quantum Dot Devices"

S. Liu: "DNA conductance in Break junction" and "Tailoring graphite sheets to nanoelectronic circuits"

J. Kinzel: "tba"

Dr. B. Kubala: "Nonmonotonic charge occupation of quantum dot levels"

Prof. A. Tagliacozzo: "Rashba control for the spin excitation of a fully spin-polarized vertical quantum dot"

Dr. F. Haupt: "Transport and phonon properies in a nanoelectromechanical system"

D. Taubert: "Telegraph noise in coupled quantum dot circuits induced by a quantum point contact"

M. Wakker: "Quantum Phase Pumping in Quantum Dots"

F. Bodoky: "tba"